All of our beams are hand selected in their natural state and brought to our facility in Houston, TX. Before dismantling a barn, our experts in the field evaluate the quality of the timber. After a barn has been selected for dismantling, we begin the process of bringing you the highest quality Hand-Hewn and Rough-Sawn beams in existence.

Hand-Hewn Beams

Our Hand-Hewn beams are mixed species and can include Oak, Hemlock, Maple, Fir, Pine, and many other species. They will also vary in color due to their exposure to the elements over the past 100+years. This is the beauty of these beams and is what makes every piece a “one of a kind”. There is a story within each one of our hand-hewn beams. The axe marks, mortise & tenon joints, and square head nails that can be found in our beams are all reminders of how their story began. Occasionally we will come across a beam that has “Carpenter Marks” which are usually Roman Numerals that have been hand carved into a beam. These etchings were used as marriage marks in their joinery and are always an exciting discovery. They are truly a testament to the time and craftsmanship it took to create these timbers.  Our Hand-Hewn beams are highly sought after for commercial and residential applications by Designers, Builders, Remodeler’s, Architects, and Homeowner’s.

Rough-Sawn Beams

Our Rough-Sawn beams are also mixed species and can include Oak, Hemlock, Maple, Fir, Pine, and many other species depending on what was available in the area at the time they were harvested.  Our rough-sawn beams were cut in some of the earliest sawmills in this country. The creation of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad brought with it many new possibilities and changed the building methods of the Timber Framers. The sawmills allowed the timbers to be cut flat and to size. This created much tighter joinery and expedited the fabrication of the timbers.

Our Rough-Sawn beams look great in many commercial and residential applications. They will vary in color due to their exposure just like our Hand-Hewn timbers.

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